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Birdie Grains™

A nutritious mix of organic whole grains, veggies and fruits that you just steep and serve or serve dry!  Steeping Birdie Grains™ creates a more interesting taste and texture for your birds.  No more wasted product due to overcooking.  All the wholesome goodness of the organic ingredients are available for your pet because you have not cooked them out and sent them down the drain.  Made fresh every time, simply add a very small amount of boiling water!  Prepare only what your birds will eat now.  No more cooking, packaging and freezing, then thawing before you can serve.



Birdscotti™ is a nutritious snack food for exotic birds.  Only the highest quality certified organic ingredients are used in making Birdscotti™: sulphur-free dried fruits, sun-dried and dehydrated vegetables, whole grains, nuts, eggs and healthy ancient spelt flours.  Birdscotti™ was created as a healthy alternative to commercial treats that are often laden with unhealthy fats, empty calories and chemicals!  The crunchy biscuits are combined with tender fruit, veggies, soft and hard grains or heavenly nuts to create a nutritious and mentally stimulating food choice.


Tweet-Stuff Muffin Mix™

Fresh baked goodness straight from your oven!  Just add liquid to delicious Tweet-Stuff Muffin Mix and you’ll be tempted to join your feathered friend in nibbling away at these amazing muffin treats!  Tweet-Stufff Muffin Mix makes the perfect gift for the bird or bird lover in your family!