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New Fresh Organic Salads for Reptiles!
Reptigreens takes the guesswork out of feeding your pet reptiles, introducing the "Complete" product line of fresh organic salads.
Omnivore Complete 
     A salad designed for your favorite omnivores when combined with the appropriate animal protein sources this salad will meet or exceed all the basic dietary requirements for your companion animal.  Special mixture of fresh natural and organic cultivated and wild greens, veggies and edible blossoms designed for dragons, uromastyx, skinks and other omnivores.
Herbivore Complete
     Keep your herbivores healthy and strong with this amazing mixture of organic and natural cultivated and wild greens, veggies and edible flowers.  Nutritionally designed to meet the special dietary requirements of herbivores.
Edible Flowers
     A seasonal mixture of delicious and nutritious edible flowers.  Flowers are readily sought out by animals when feeding in the wild.  Studies indicate what ancient practioners long recognized, the combination of nectars, pollens and the flower's inherent nutrient, antioxidant and medicinal values combine to make this near zero calorie addition to the diet a natural immune system booster and digestive aide.
Premium Blend Salad
     Our premium blend salad contains a mix of up to 10 cultivated and wild
greens plus edible flowers.   Offers both superior taste and visual appeal.
All Reptigreens Salad products are nutritionally designed with a minimum 4:1 Calcium to Phosphorus ratio.