Reptigreens is the first, and only company, to offer nutritionally designed fresh organic salads for your pets.  We are located in San Diego County in Southern California and benefit from a year round growing season which enables us to offer the most outstanding selection of fresh and dried goods available in the pet food marketplace.   

Fresh and dried foods alike share our commitment that we utilize only the finest and freshest organic and natural ingredients formulated through the science of nutrition to insure your pets are receiving the very best Mother Nature has to offer.  All Reptigreens ingredients are strictly human grade; we use no fillers, man-made chemicals or unnatural ingedients to formulate  any of our products.  
Our goal is to provide the best foods for your pets and serving convenience for you.  Utilizing only organic and natural whole foods is not just a marketing fad; it is the core of our personal and corporate philosophy.  Working in the animal rescue arena for over a decade, we have seen the difference organic and natural food stuffs make for the most ravaged animals.



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